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July 13, 2021

Wounded Masculinity | Kent Turpin | Ep 15

Wounded Masculinity | Kent Turpin | Ep 15

The Bros talk with Kent Turpin about his journey, wounded masculinity, and ayahuasca. Also a horse gets punched but not molested.

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Can our masculinity do us actual harm? Is toxic masculinity the correct term? Or, as Kent Turpin puts it, is it wounded masculinity that is the enemy. 

Kent Turpin struggles with his masculinity. He is in many ways a man's man. He's big and strong. He knows how to work with his hands. But it's the softer, more classically "feminine" qualities that bring him the most joy, connection, and meaning in life. Despite that the damaged masculinity in him wants to lash out at any labeling that would mark him as less than a man. 

It's messy. But journeys often are. Kent is on a journey. It probably started earlier, but we pick it up when he went through his second divorce. At that point, Kent found himself alone, dejected, and miserable.

Since that time he's been seeking a better way. Through self help and leadership conferences. Through therapy and connection with like-minded others. He even tried horse therapy, which sounds amazing. Sosh totally wants to bang a horse, although he would deny it. 

He also has ventured off the beaten path a bit and tried some shamanic traditions and medicinal remedies. He has experienced several Ayahuasca ceremonies and feels it has really opened him up to a spiritual awakening and new growth. The Bros dive into that a bit, including probably more discussion of "purging" than you wanted to hear. 

DISCLAIMER: We are neither promoting or endorsing the use of hallucinogens. Kent would be the first to tell you that this isn't a recreational experience. This is not a path to be entered into lightly. If you are interested, you should do your research, consult with experts, and always know what your local laws say about it.

Kent is on a Brodhisattva journey, and the Bros are excited to see where it takes him. You can find him dropping wisdom on Instagram @conscious_heart_warrior

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