How can I be a better man?
July 27, 2021

The Alcohol Experiment | Enoch & Sosh | Ep 16

The Alcohol Experiment | Enoch & Sosh | Ep 16

Sosh is on vacation and feeling things. Enoch is examining his relationship with alcohol.

This very special episode of the Brodhisattva Podcast has Sosh in sunny Florida recording from the business center of his somewhat crappy hotel. The sound quality is not at the profession level of perfection you've come to expect from the Bros.

Enoch is doing Annie Grace's The Alcohol Experiment. He's really become uncomfortable with his relationship with alcohol, or at least he's finally admitting it openly. Most of the conversation revolves around alcohol and addiction. But the bros also dive into family, disappointment, disillusionment with their progress in becoming better men, and the usual assortment of nonsense. Enjoy!

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