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Nov. 2, 2021

Fit Body, Fit Mind | JBax | Ep 20

Fit Body, Fit Mind | JBax | Ep 20

Are you physically fit? Are you mentally fit? Is it worth being one without the other? These are the questions Jessica Bax has wrestled with on her journey.

We were so lucky to get some time to chat with Jessica Bax. Or JBax as she is known to her fans and followers. Jessica is a personal trainer, a certified meditation teacher, a podcaster, and a mindset coach. She’s an entrepreneur and a self-made young woman.

If you’ve listened much to our podcast, you know I’m a sucker for a story about someone pivoting in their life and following a dream. Bonus points if they find success in that pivot. Well, that’s Jess. As you’ll hear on the pod, it all started with a mirror selfie back when she was in college, unhappy, out of shape, and overweight.

We had a blast talking with Jess. She tells us about her journey. We talk about the mindset shift she went through last year when the pandemic descended on her life. Something that many of us can empathize with. We discuss fitness, mindfulness, and the intersection of physical and mental health. We try to get some fitness tips out of her, but I leave a bit disappointed that she doesn’t tell me how to get those chiseled abs I want. We talk some about our kids and cultivating good influences online.

Anyway, this was a fun conversation. I think you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom in there. And if nothing else we can introduce you Bros to an amazing, super cool young woman named Jessica Bax.

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