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March 30, 2021

Fear & Living Honestly | Enoch & Sosh | Ep 5

Fear & Living Honestly | Enoch & Sosh | Ep 5

The Bro's discuss some challenges Sosh has with a big project for his work. They talk about fear holding him back as well as living an honest life. Also Enoch is pissed at his therapist.

The Bro's are back and hashing it out!

This conversation begins with Sosh describing some struggles he's having with work. Notably his being an uber-nerd in Excel has landed him a big project he wasn't exactly prepared to take on.  We discuss  of his work environment. The company is open, honest, and filled with bright people, which brings both tremendous support and its own challenges. We also talk about corporate culture in general and what a difference that can make in a work environment.

This leads into a  discussion of the fears that could be holding him back. Sosh thinks fear of failure and fear of pain are the culprits. Enoch thinks fear of success might also play a role. They both agree that a fear of more responsibility is a factor.  Sosh also thinks the power of inertia holds him back, and they discuss the strength of a rut on the human condition.

The conversation turns to vulnerability and living an honest life and how the podcast project is helping them both in that dimension. Sosh wants to lay everything out for the world to see, because of the power that lies had over his life in the past. He details how dark that path can get for him. They discuss whether that is a recovery trait, as AA folks tend to really be storytellers. And they talk about how secrets breed in darkness, and shedding light on them robs them of their power. Finally they decide that doing the work and being a better man makes being honest a hell of a lot easier.

Sosh wants to read books to y'all on the podcast. Enoch pushes back. What do y'all think? Should he make a spin-off?

Enoch shifts the conversation again and talks about how he's doing really well mood-wise and feeling almost stupidly happy.  They discuss the Zen of story time with  their kids. Oh, and Enoch is pissed off at his therapist and is considering finding a better fit. 

In the end Sosh makes a final pitch for his book-reading podcast but inexplicably uses a movie quote to demonstrate his skill! Enoch tries it out with the first lines of Lolita, which allows them to close out with the usual bullshit banter. 

And that's it!

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