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March 20, 2021

The Tao of Podcasting

The Tao of Podcasting

I feel consumed with this podcast I’ve begun. For the past 2 weeks, no matter what time I go to bed (last night it was close to midnight), I am awake at 5 AM eager to get back to it. I can spend hours editing tape. It should feel tedious and leave me exhausted, but it doesn’t. It should feel like work, but it doesn’t.

This project has fired up my creative juices in a way I haven’t felt in a very long while. I used to want to be the early bird writer, to get up before the sun and crank out words on the page, but it never came this easy. I don’t even set an alarm anymore, because I know my brain will be wide awake well before dawn. 

I have had to check myself. I could spend all of my free time working on this thing. But that would definitely come at the expense of my wife and kids. I have to walk away from it and join the family. I’m glad I have the presence of mind to remember the importance of that. 

The Tao is a constant presence in my life and has been since I was young. I think about it a lot. I know, I know, thinking about the Tao is not REALLY experiencing the Tao. 

I feel like I am following my own personal Tao right now. It seems obvious, because it just feels RIGHT. The path is open before me, shining and gold. However, I also feel a bit out of balance. I don’t think this pace and level of concentration is sustainable. It is something I will have to continually monitor. 

But for now, I’m going to spend a couple of hours editing tape!