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May 9, 2021

Know when to say when!

Know when to say when!

Holy shit, the past 2 months have been a whirlwind. We started The Brodhisattva Podcast 7 weeks ago. We released 3 episodes that first week and have been putting out one episode a week since then. It has been a blast! People are downloading the episodes! We’re getting positive reviews! We’ve also had amazing conversations. We are involving different voices in our journey. Sosh and I have visibly gotten better just from the work we’re doing here!


And this is a big BUT. I’m fucking exhausted. I love the idea of putting out a weekly episode. But this has become all that I do. Seriously. This has sucked up every bit of my free time. I don’t get paid to do this. Nor do I have a team to do all the busy work for me. This is a passion project. But passion can only take you so far! 

The big thing is that EVERY DROP of my creative energy is going into this. It’s great, but I want to do other things. I haven’t written a thing since we started. The blog is an afterthought. 

This all came to a head in the past couple of weeks. I have asked Sosh to shoulder a little more of the production burden. He’s trying hard and learning as fast as he can. But I’m just feeling stressed. In the end, he missed an interview for some unforeseen circumstances, and I blew up at him. Never one to miss a lick, he came right back at me.

There were… choice words. Things weren’t looking so good in Brodhisattva Land. 

In the end we both took some deep breaths. We’ve been friends long enough to allow each other space for anger and give each other some grace. We’re good now. Probably better for it in fact. 

But something has to give.

So it has to be the schedule. We can’t handle the weekly schedule anymore. At least for right now I’m trimming it back to the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. 

In the end this is about boundaries and self care. I’d love to say that I could keep up the pace as is, but I have enough self awareness (and SELF LOVE) not to do that. I refuse to sacrifice quality and put out a shitty product. And I refuse to run myself into the ground putting a good product on a weekly basis. 

So… no episode this week. Sorry. But not really. Jeez, bros.