How can I be a better man?
March 14, 2021

Big Freakin’ News!!!

Big Freakin’ News!!!

We have been a little negligent on the blog lately, and I felt a word of explanation was necessary. We’ve been busy in other avenues. No excuse. That’s just it.

First: I have a new piece of short fiction that was just published last week! “Broken Glass” is a weird short story I wrote a few years ago. It’s semi-autobiographical (in the vaguest sort of way) with a bent of magical realism. You can check it out here.

Second: And this is the REALLY BIG NEWS, we have launched The Brodhisattva Podcast! Sosh & I will be talking with each other as well as people smarter and better than us in our ongoing attempts to become better men. Please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and let us know what you think! This will be the best way to keep up with our journey and to follow along. 

That’s it for now. But stay tuned!